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Welcome to the OUTsourced ZIPPIE HQ.

I'll be posting messages here, and updating things as we go along. So don't be surprised if this page gets outsourced yet again.
David Robert Lewis.
Capetown 17/6/2004

PS: I've added a message board so zippies can discuss outsourcing, see bottom of this page

Ahem, There go the Zippies again.

Question: Is that Zippies (with an i-e)or Zippy with an (s)? Reason I say this is because back when Jules Marshall was hot, and Wired magazine actually had something to say, a little cartoon clown by the name of Zippy the Pinhead raised the issue of spelling, along with licensing, copyright and so on.

We never responded, probably because the *zol was too good, or the fact that nobody had ever heard of the strange creature outside of the Bay Area, which didn't seem to jinx any of us. Bill Griffith, the cartoonist responsible for creating an idiosyncratic form of new age mumbo-jumbo, still haunts me along with the thought of young nubile teenagers mistaking me for a pin-head, and obviously winning the day, as far as the pronoia stakes are concerned. The evidence can be seen in Outlook India's attribution recently of zippie " zip*pie n . informal(pl. zippies) (zippie*dom n.) A young city or suburban resident, between15 and 25 years of age, with a zip in the stride," to an Indian.

Only a "polka-dotted-muu-muu-wearingjester with a head in the shape of a soft-serve ice-cream cone" would hope to do that, and get away with it. Which is about all I'm going tosay for now. Take care to read "Reaching out for Zip - With demographics like these, why aren't zippies making any money"and "I was outsourced by the zippies" and comming soon -- Why I am not a Zippy.

Zippie Media Whores:

When you're done complaining that this should never have happened to begin with, take a look at the way the New York times interprets Outlook India's stake on the Zippies. (ClickClick)

Then look at what's happening in India(Click Click Click)

Then go back to one of the original "memes" the story which started it all - Jules Marshall's big psychoactive blooper:"Here come the Zippies" then ask yourself- did I miss something while I was drinking a margharita?


The Flying Saucers Apprentice -- how I was outsourced by Fraser Clark and the Zippies and got Zip from the UFO.
chapter one from the official guide to outsource wisdom


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