The "Zippy Cybersafari to Africa"

"The trouble with computers is there isn't enough Africa in them" Brian Eno

Believe it or not, but some of those Zippies kept on touring, even after the pronoia tour had ended. Here's a couple of pages dedicated to the safari that pretty near killed me and put all of those who were involved in line for the joint record /title holder of "Africa's First Public Video Conference."

(Brickbats and Praise)

Style Article
- Short Extract
- Long Version

SubLink Story
- updated version

Ignore those Engineers out there!
- that Unity "UN 95" connection


And the nominees are:

The Picturetel Corp who designed and donated the system we used.
Telkom SA, who donated a technician and an ISDN line
The San Francisco Fire Dept. who donated one fireman, with the power to shut us down if people should light up, which they did.
The Buckminster Fuller Institute who donated a dome for the techno-party in San Francisco
The Unity 95 festival organisors who allowed us to hijack the venue and even suggested we create some kind of peace link demonstration
The World Peace Now demonstrators who played along for the cause.
Vortex (Africa) whose after-party turned into the main event, as well as the Vortex Dancers who gave us a free show.
Hilary Prendini Toffoli who wrote the Style magazine piece & ended up enjoying the rave
Freddie Bell who turned on the South African side of the Link
and of course, all those associated with Zippy Cybersafari to Africa, especially Fraser Clark and John Cauty of the K Foundation and the Parallel University.

Then there's my girlfriend at time (what was her name) who didn't pitch up and then dumped me because she said it couldn't be done? Who also needs to be thanked for making my life more interesting now that I have so many more people to thank, oh yes and my sister who always believed in me, and finally came to her senses at her very first rave, but procalims still  to "hate the music".

Can't please everybody I guess -- wish the sound had been better  (and that also goes for the DJs) and there was a better explanation for human behaviour and just wanting to have a good time, than "Look ma, no drugs" also to the kind soul out there prepared to transfer the VHS tape to digital so that the whole world can see what it was that we did and that it was "for real". Where are you?

Thanks to everybody for helping out, and lest I forget something - we did it for charity, and nobody made any money, except Trees for Africa at least that's what I was told - but if you did, and pocketted some change, where's my cheque? (2000 ravers x R25 = 50 000)

PS: I have yet to see the financials on this thing I can't help wondering that we would have had 2000-3000 people to see "the zippies" regardless.


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