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the ecology and culture frontier

Kagenna or /Kaggen (the phonetic spelling of Kagenna) was, according toLewis-Williams, "the most important spiritual being" for the southern San. Whileone of the translations for the word "/Kaggen" is "mantis", the word essentiallyrefers to a kagenna cover issue 6trickster deity which can assume innumerable manifestations: aneland, a snake, a vulture etc.  When /Kaggen was not in an animal shape, itassumed the form of an ordinary San. /Kaggen represented, therefore, a metaphor(or perhaps a medium) of the spiritual interchangeability between humans andanimals - a belief which underpinned the San's religion.

The archetype of /Kaggenis present in many other belief systems: Christian, Hindu, Bhuddist, and in Greekmythology. It is an archetype which reaffirms the essential connection, involvingbody and soul, between humans and the rest of the universe.

Only six issues ever printed - out of circulation but archived at the Hoover Institute, Stanford; The Musuem of Peace and Solidarity,Uzbekhistan as well as the South African National Liberary.

Back Issues

Kagenna #1 (silk-screened cover) 101 Green things to do; BeyondEnvironmental Conflict; Women as practical Utopists; Hyperdelic Exploration;Artvark Interview; Garbage Ecology; Ten Key Values of the Green Movement; Jim Juteand the Night People; Tristam and Them comic.(24pp) out of print

Kagenna #2 (silk-screened cover) Reclaiming Celebration; Busking;Towards a Green South Africa by Jacklyn Cock; Dioxin Factsheet; Siyabona Theatre;The Word Becomes Cassette by William Levy; Tristam and Them comic.(28pp) out of print

Kagenna #3 Plastic Propoganda; Art and Change; Ozone- Friendly Might Just KillYou; Global Warming Factsheet; Camphill Bus; African Hip Hop interview; Fax forFreedom; Recycling and Toxics guide; The Kitchen Revolution ; Beezy Baileyposter. (28pp + poster) R12.50

Kagenna #4 Do You Have to be White to be Green by Albie Sachs; Steve Newman'salternative reality; German Green party interview; Radical Radio; DisruptingTrivia and Tapping the Information Highway; The Reality of Meat; Hobos Recycle;CO-OP cutup; Kwangoma; P. Clark-Brown poster. (36pp) R13.50 Kagenna #5

Kagenna #5 Planetary Dance; Do Trees Have Rights? ; San Survival;Eco-Architecture; Power Crisis on the Cape Flats; Kicking the Automobile Habit;25 Difficult things you can do to save the Earth; Mike van Graan interview;Indigenous Plant users outlawed; The Mad-Dogs of the Media, Justin Wellsposter. (40pp) R13.50

Kagenna #6 Cyberpunk by Timothy Leary; Subversive Television; Bleeding by theMoon; Interconnectedness by Mike Cope; The History of Hemp; Permaculture;Benjamin Zephaniah interview; Street-kid Theatre; Tristam and Them comic; JaneThompson poster. (40pp) R14.50

kagenna cover issue 6kagenna cover issue 6kagenna cover issue 6 kagenna cover issue 6

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